Certificate in Information Technology

The Certificate in Information Technology program is designed to give participants the knowledge, skills, and abilities to begin a career in an IT-related field. The certificate addresses the role of IT in organizations and the various technologies comprising the broader area of information technology, and their interworking. A total of seven courses at the graduate […]

ABSD – Advanced Business Skill Development

Southern States University offers Beginning to Advanced Classes, ABSD (Advanced Business Skill Development), Accent Reduction/Pronunciation and TOEFL Preparation. Our mission is to provide international students the highest quality English language instruction. Our approach gives students the opportunity to improve reading, writing, grammar, conversation, pronunciation, TOEFL, and Business English. SSU is stimulating and productive learning environment […]

Graduate Business Programs

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Undergraduate Business Programs

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IT 511: Advanced Database Systems

Advanced database systems is the second course in the program dealing with database management. This course covers: data modeling with enhanced E-R model, database design theory, relational model, object-oriented model, physical database design and performance, advanced SQL, query optimization, transaction processing, concurrency, recovery, web and semi-structured data management, distributed databases, data warehousing, data quality and […]

IT 520: Information Security

Information Security focuses on various important aspects of security in a present-day information system. This course covers: Historical developments and components of information security, business needs of information security, legal, ethical, and professional issues in information security, risk management, planning for security, security technology and tools, cryptography and cryptographic tools, implementing information security, and information […]

IT 517: Electronic Commerce Systems

Electronic Commerce Systems covers the key elements comprising electronic commerce. Topics covered are: E-commerce business models, E-commerce categories and applications (B2B, B2C, and C2C), E-commerce infrastructure (Internet, web, and mobile platforms), E-commerce payment systems, E-commerce security, E-commerce marketing and advertisement, online retailing and services, online auction strategies, social and ethical issues in E-commerce. Prerequisite: IT […]

IT 599: IT Capstone Project

In the IT Capstone course, students work on real-world projects that draw upon and apply the concepts, principles, skills, and tools that are taught in the IT courses. Students study a problem requiring an IT systems solution, then clearly define the scope of the problem, gather requirements, develop specifications, develop a project plan, design, implement, […]

IT 533: Ethical Issues in IT

Ethical Issues in IT provides an in-depth study of various aspects of ethical practices in the uses and applications of information technology. Emphasis is placed on computer-related codes of ethics, ethics and responsibility of IT professionals and users, computer and Internet crimes, intellectual property issues, social networking ethical issues, privacy and anonymity, and impacts of […]

IT 516: Web Information Systems

Web Information Systems covers the major technologies driving the development of web pages, dynamic content in web pages, web servers, and databases. It also covers Rich Internet Applications (RIA), database accesses via web applications, and web application development. Prerequisite: IT 501, IT 510

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