Associate of Business Administration (ABA)

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Southern States University’s Associate of Business Administration is a two-year degree program that provides students with an academic foundation built upon general education and business courses at the lower-division level.

The lower division introductory general education courses are designed to promote skills in critical-thinking, writing, reading, and communications in addition to the basic use of computers. Specifically, the program provides students with a basic knowledge and understanding of the humanities, arts, math, sciences, and social sciences; while the lower division introductory business courses are designed to provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of business fundamentals and practices.

The program is structured so that success in the lower division courses will improve the student’s confidence and ability to succeed in the more challenging and focused upper division courses if a student wishes to transfer into a bachelor’s program. This foundation in the program allows a graduate to explore a career in business. Successful completion of the program requires 90 Quarter Credits.


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Course Descriptions

Associate of Business Administration (ABA) Program Courses


                                                First-Year Requirements                             


General Education:


ENG 111: Comp and Rhetoric

HIST 101: U.S. History I

HIST 102: U.S. History II

MTH 125: College Algebra

SCI 110: Introduction to Physical Science

SPCH 111: Public Speaking




BUS 101: Business Foundations and Analysis

CIS 111: Introduction to Business Information Systems

ECON 100: Macroeconomics

ECON 101: Microeconomics


                                                Second-Year Requirements                        

General Education:


HUM 110: Principles of Humanities

PHIL 111: Introduction to Ethics

POLS 155: Introduction to Political Science




ACC 201: Accounting I

ACC 202: Accounting II

BUS 210: Business Law

BUS 220: Business Communications

MKT 110: Principles of Marketing

MTH 130: Business Statistics

MTH 135: Business Calculus

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