Program Costs US$
TOEFL Preparation (18 hours/week) 350.00


*All tuition prices reflect the cost of one pay period. A pay period is equal to 4 weeks (28 days).

*Not all programs and levels are continually available, check each campus for availability.


Mandatory Fees US$
Application Fee – non refundable 100
Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) 0
Textbook  65 per level
Course Material Fee  25 per quarter
I-20 Replacement Fee  30
International Booking Fee(applies only to documents sent to SSU from outside the U.S.)  400
International Courier Fee 85
Domestic Courier Fee 25
Document Reprint Fee 30
Bank Wire Fee 30
Payment Processing Fee (on all payments more than $190) 20
Returned Check Fee 35
Airport Transfer – optional 50
Accommodation Placement Fee – optional 150
I-20 Replacement Fee 30

*Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.



“Withdrawal” means leaving the course once it has begun. There is no refund for a one month period once the student takes the placement test or attends the first day of his/her monthly class. Promotional discounts are refunded pro-rata at the standard monthly pricing rate.



“Cancellation” refers to notification of SSU, in writing, that the student will no longer attend the school before starting classes. Application, Courier, International booking and Accommodation fees are non-refundable. The tuition is fully refundable.


Refund Policy

A student enrolls in an 8 week course and pays $700 tuition. The student withdraws after completing 3 weeks of classes and notifies SSU of the cancellation/withdrawal. The refund would be calculated as follows:

($87.50   X   4)   = $350

(prorated weekly tuition) x (4-weeks minimum) = (amount of refund)