Testimonials from English Programs



Intensive English Program, SSU Newport Beach

I started studying at SSU, I am writing/talking better than I ever have, I improved my English a lot, and I’ve made many friends since coming to SSU. I think the fact that I have a lot of great teachers who want to teach has made me want to learn and get better grades. I believe that, I will be a much better and successful person when I graduate from SSU. Meeting all these people who are so easy to respect, support and trust is something that at first I found shocking and questionable, but now I love the school even more for the people in it.


Intensive English Program, SSU Newport Beach

“Even though I’ve studied English for 8 years at school in Italy, only thanks to the SSU English Course now I may interact with Americans and their culture. In fact, first of all, SSU provides the right stuffs to improve all your skills,  teaching you how to read, write, speak and understand both professional and informal English. Secondly, SSU allows you to know American culture, not just with historical notions but giving you good practical advises for your everyday life in the U.S.A.
Thirdly, being a University, SSU offers the real opportunity to get ready for either a Bachelor or a Master degree program.
Last but not least, the classes are attended by so many people of different ages and from all over the world, so it’s impossible to stay alone for more than 10 minutes! Federica”


Intensive English Program, SSU Newport Beach

Today I am going to write about SSU because I have studied there for a while.My name is SALEH ALEKHMIMI ,I am from SAUDI ARABAI and I have been in the United States for a year. How was my lifestyle in SSU? How are the students? First, my lifestyle was so simple. I had 3 classes per day, each class for an hour and 30 minutes. The first class is grammar, the second period is reading and writing and the third conversation. So, all teachers are fantastic, friendly, helpful and well-educated. They have been improving my English has much as they can. I can say, I couldn’t have succeeded without their assistance and support for me. I had great experience with them. Second, students come from around the world, most nationalities in one place I have seen in my life; most are nice, but we were like a family when we needed help and do homework. We hang out every weekend with each other if we couldn’t understand something in class or missed class to catch up. Every time you learn something new such as customs, about the countries and people’s behavior. If you ask friends, they would help. My advice is, if you like to try a language school, this is one that properly prepares you for admission to a university. Before we go to university, I think we need to give ourselves the opportunity to experience other ways of life. I mean to travel and get some education. Gain knowledge to find your own skills in what you love and be patient. Eventually, I had an amazing experience in that school, got new friends from around the world and new teachers. That makes me happy, proud of myself and the school. I am moving on to university now. I believe the school prepared me quickly and thoroughly. I hope one day I can visit again that place full of love, families and priceless people.