Newport Beach students are exploring their beautifully remodeled campus which now has more classrooms, a much larger library, a more spacious kitchen and lunchroom, and more computers on campus (faster Internet is coming soon too!!). We also have two entrance areas in Newport Beach, and parking is available on both sides of the building. The SSU administration made the decision to remodel the campus in November, and in January Newport Beach students were already seeing the results of this project. With added space, the SSU campus now occupies the entire corner of the building, which creates an atmosphere of a campus community for students and Faculty.

Danny Hsing, the Newport Beach campus director, actively participated in designing the new campus and is satisfied with new campus look. In the administration office, there is a waiting area where students can talk with Faculty members or wait for administrative assistance. Thanks to the relocation of the Fashion Valley campus and the remodeling of the Newport Beach campus, SSU now has a better and more sophisticated look. Hope you enjoy spending time at SSU’s campuses!