PRESS RELEASE: SSU Opens Office in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

PRESS RELEASE: SSU Opens Office in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

27 June 2019 – Southern States University is proud to welcome Luis W. Gomide to its International Admissions Team. Luis will serve in the position of Director of Latin America Operations.  He will be responsible for recruitment and support of students throughout Latin America, through every stage of the admissions process. In particular, his initial focus is to help more Brazilians come to study business and IT in the USA, at one of SSU’s California campuses. Luis will be based at SSU’s São Paulo office.

SSU’s Sao Paulo Office Gears Up To Help More Brazilians study Business in California.

The Sao Paulo office opened in 2018 for Brazilian prospective students and their parents, families and friends to come and learn more about SSU.  Luis and is team will help you with all questions that you have about SSU.  That includes questions about our programs, which are focused on Business and Information Technology.

Whether you are seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration, an MBA, an MSIT or a pre- or post-degree Business Certificate, Luis and his team will help you through the admissions process. Their role is to help more students come to study in the USA. They will help with all of the docs you need to prepare and submit for acceptance at SSU. In addition, once you are accepted at SSU, they will hep you to prepare the docs needed to get your student visa and I-20.  The team will also help you prepare for your visit to the consulate.  In summary, they will provide you with insights that only those who are very familiar with SSU could share accurately with you.

Luis Brings Strong Leadership to the International Admissions Team

Luis has more than 30 years of professional experience. During his career, he has gained extensive experience in areas such as:

  • creating and training winning technical and sales teams
  • doing market research
  • creating marketing plans
  • product management

He is known for the high performance technical support he provides to all of his clients. Luis earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as a graduate degree in Business Administration.  Learn more about Luis on LinkedIn

Southern States University looks forward to helping more Latin American students study Business or Information Technology in California, at one of SSU’s campuses.  We look forward to welcoming more Brazilian students into all of our business and information technology programs, with the support of Luis and his team.