RESEARCH TALK: Organizational Change and Innovation

RESEARCH TALK: Organizational Change and Innovation

Organizational Change and Innovation

By Rachel Kim, DBA

Thursday, June 6, 2019 from 4:00- 5:00 pm

SSU-San Diego Campus

Organizational Change and Innovation: This is the beginning of a series of upcoming academic research talks for all students, especially graduate students, at SSU.

  • Say “Yes” to New Things and New People in your classes and School campus

  • Where to start your academic research

  • With whom you can start

  • What to do with your reading

Rachel Kim has obtained academic degrees that include a Doctorate in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration with a focus on strategic management from Alliant International University, San Diego, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Pharmaceutics from Ehwa Women University, South Korea. She is currently a Researcher and Consultant on healthcare and has consulted for major pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Kim is an Adjunct Faculty in the San Diego campus.

We hope that you will find this time relaxing with classmates while getting insights from your professor. Please feel free to bring your lunch!