The New San Diego Central Public Library Downtown

On Monday December 2, 2013, the Administration of the San Diego campus took a formal tour of the new Central Public Library located in the heart of downtown (just 10 minutes away from our San Diego campus). Among the services provided are; study rooms, meeting rooms and an art gallery on the 9th floor for local artists. There is a large research section, patent license section and career development area with a staff to aid you. Parking nearby is $3.00 for the day or there trolley stop half a block away.

San Diego public library has an extensive collection of business resources in print and digital format. Every SSU students can apply ONLINE for the San Diego Public Library card and use books, periodicals, and databases (databases are accessible from home or any other place with internet connection):

Our students can also study in the public library’s numerous study rooms. The library has nearly 300 computer stations. Many modern digital devices are available here, including  iPads, Chromebooks, and Kindle readers.

Central library is a great learning and entertainment center. The library’s computer center offers group technology training sessions where you can learn about stop-motion animation, music recording, webcasting, and Web publishing. Every month, the Central Library hosts many free cultural events.

For more information and schedules of events click this link:

Free 1 hour underground parking is available. Parking nearby is $3.00 for the day or there trolley stop half a block away.


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