EVENT: 24 Hour Swim Fundraising

EVENT: 24 Hour Swim Fundraising

On August 24th, one of our SSU staff members Juliano participated in this fundraiser swim event on behalf of SSU. The fundraiser is a 24-hour team relay event for swimmers of all abilities to raise money for DROWNING PREVENTION in San Diego County. At SSU, we encourage community involvement. Juliano represented SSU by swimming for the cause, incorporating our SSU logo in the photos, and by giving a $$ donation.

Since we are currently building our recreational sports teams for social engagement throughout the school, this was a great way to start. We had fun socializing with the swimmers, meeting some of the kids, getting our name out there to new people, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, helping our community.

Please look at the Swim24Challenge website below to understand why this fundraiser was so important, and a beautiful event for SSU to be a part of.