Five Ways Southern States University Supports Working Professionals Obtaining Their Degree

Five Ways Southern States University Supports Working Professionals Obtaining Their Degree

Five Ways Southern States University Supports Working Professionals Obtaining Their Degree

Whether you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree or earning a graduate degree, going back to school after you have already entered the workforce can be intimidating. But it can also be an important part of achieving your career goals and enhancing your skillset in a competitive job market. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics anticipates an increase in enrollment among 25- to 29-year-olds, expanding from the traditional college student demographic.

The increasing availability of colleges offering online programs continues to make it easier and more convenient for working professionals to finish college or earn another degree. However, not all colleges are set up to support non-traditional students. Here are five ways Southern States helps support working professionals:

  • Class schedules: If you are planning to work or have other outside obligations like supporting a family, look for an institution that offers flexible class schedules. At Southern States University we offer evening and weekend classes, as well as some online options whether synchronous or asynchronous. Prospective students can connect with our admissions team to learn if their entire degree can be achieved while still maintaining their day-to-day obligations, as well as how long it will take based on whether they are enrolled full or part-time.


  • Location: A school’s location can have a huge impact on the college experience, especially for working professionals. If classes are in person, choosing a location that is easily accessible can help reduce the stress of getting there on time, especially if you are coming from work. Southern States University’s campuses are centrally located and are easily accessible from major freeways, as well as offer convenient parking so you can get to your classrooms within minutes versus needing to trek across a large campus. Even if your classes are online, the location can play a key role in the networking and outside opportunities available – including internships and externships. Therefore, choosing a college in a place where you want to live post-graduation can help set you up for success.


  • Affordability: There are many cost benefits that can be realized long term to earning your degree from supporting your current job or positioning you for new opportunities. However, the initial investment to earn your degree should not require breaking the bank. Finding a school that is affordable and fits your budget is a great starting point. It is also important to research the financial aid options available – whether federal or state. Southern States University has various financial aid opportunities as well as accepts GI bills to support veterans who are interested in going back to pursue their degree. Many companies also offer tuition assistance or reimbursement up to a certain amount providing an incentive to further your education and bring new skills to your workplace. When considering colleges, check with your employer to determine what benefits are available and look for schools that cost close to the amount provided.


  • Culture and class size: Choosing a school that fits your learning style can set you up for success. That’s why we are committed to providing smaller class sizes which allow for a more personalized college experience and greater access to instructors. This is also an important factor for online classes. While schools no longer have to be restricted by space when serving students online, Southern States University has capped its classes to ensure that there is still as student-centered approach and opportunity for collaboration. Additionally, looking at the demographics of the student body can help inform your college decision, for example, programs that cater to working professionals mean you will be learning alongside students closer to your age.


  • Support: Reach out to learn what type of support the university offers students to ensure they reach their academic goals. We pride ourselves on hiring a diverse faculty of varying backgrounds, ages and experiences. This includes hiring instructors that bring real-world experience versus solely a research-driven approach can help ensure you are prepared to enter the job market. Additionally, we have multiple resources – including an academic and career center – to keep you on track to earn your degree within your goal timeframe or the maximum time allowed and prepare you for your next move.

With some careful consideration, extending your resume with a degree can fit within your lifestyle. Selecting a school that can help you navigate your journey is critical to achieving your goals. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you get there!