How to Build A Bridge Between Cultures

How to Build A Bridge Between Cultures

If you asked people what is the best part of studying abroad, most of them would say the opportunity of getting to know more people and discovering new cultures. It’s usually easy to communicate if you have a mutual language, but there are more –and better- channels to talk with a foreigner.  No matter which channel we use to communicate, but respect is the most important kit to build a bridge between cultures. There are some alternatives;

– Food

Food Image

Food makes everyone happy! We all get excited when our international friends want to taste our local food or compliment on it, right? Food seems to sit on an emotional level first before being an instinctive need for humans (Global Gastros, n.d.).If you want to have more cultural interaction, you can consider giving a chance to new cuisines and encourage your friends to try your local tastes.

– Sport

sport differences between USA and Europe

Sports have the standard rules, the same goal, and the same ambition in every country. The biggest events of the world are usually sports related ones, such as World Cup, Olympics etc. I would say soccer and basketball are the most popular ones in every continent. You don’t even need to speak the same language for playing a game with other people; this is how sport can connect people!

– Political issues and history

world politics

With the effects of globalization, we can follow up on important incidents around the world. The best way to understand the dynamics of a country is talking to someone from there. But, in this point we should be careful about our words and comments because people can be more sensitive than we think when it comes to their country, history, and values.

– Music & Art

music and arts

Similar to sports, every field of art is another language. You don’t need to have a talent, if you have an interest in any kind of art, you can connect many people around the world. We all have a favorite singer or movie artist from another country, right? Art is a great way to discover another culture and share something with another person.


Author :

Begum Nur Demir

Student Ambassador/MBA student