SSU in support of International Scholars

The University is in support of increasing opportunities to international scholars to study in the United States. Just this week, the President of the United States was given a formal request by the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, with the Chancellor of Southern States University signing along with many other colleges and university presidents throughout the United States, asking the Biden Administration to “advance policies that are inclusive, equitable, and durable:

  • Make visas available to displaced international students and scholars who qualify to come here, and ensure regulatory processes support them during their stay here.
  • Move quickly to launch broader scale private sponsorship of refugees, including university sponsorship of refugee students, by using the new P-4 category in refugee admissions.”

“Southern States University is committed to advancing and promoting the plight of international scholars. The University not just educates students but prepares them with values that make and build stronger global communities”, ~ Dr. Araiza, Chancellor of Southern States University.

Read the Letter to the President here: