BU 501: Financial Accounting - Southern States University - Study in California (San Diego, Irvine) and Nevada (Las Vegas)

BU 501: Financial Accounting

financial accounting

BU 501


MBA Courses

This course provides an introduction to accounting procedures and practices. Students will explore the relationship between business and accounting, and how to analyze business transactions. The course will also explain how the accounting cycle operates and the differences between accrual and cash basis accounting. It will also explain how to determine different methods of inventory and asset valuation, and it will elucidate the importance of earnings and corporate governance.

Prerequisite: BU-500


Text Book

Title: Introduction to Financial Accounting, 11th Ed., 2013

Author: Horngren, C.T. , Sundem, G. I. Elliott, J.A., & Philbrick, D.R

ISBN-10: 0133251039 / ISBN-13: 9780133251036