BU 506: Managerial Economics - Southern States University - Study in California (San Diego, Irvine) and Nevada (Las Vegas)

BU 506: Managerial Economics

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BU 506


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This course is designed to help students analyze and think through economic problems as an executive manager or as a consumer. It teaches the skills needed to develop a working understanding of the basic principles of economics, for the purpose of making decisions within a complex business and economic environment. It also emphasizes the quantitative and qualitative applications of economics to business analysis.

Prerequisite: BU 500


Text Book

Title: Managerial Economics: Economic Tools for Today’s Decision Makers, 7th Ed., 2013

Author: Keat, P.G. & Young, P. K. Y.

ISBN 10: 0133020266 / ISBN-13: 978-0133020267