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Certificate in Advanced Film and Media Studies

The Certificate in Advanced Film and Media Studies program, at the graduate-level, is designed to give participants advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to begin or advanced their career in a film studies related field. This certificate program provides a firm grasp of entrepreneurial and management principles for professionals working or expecting to find work in the ever-changing global media landscape. The curriculum includes courses in film industry perspectives and businesses of film, TV and Trans-media. A total of six courses build strong foundation skills in core subject areas and develop analytical, critical, and creative thinking. Elective courses guide students into practical areas in the management of film and media studies. Students who join the program should expect to acquire the core knowledge and skills needed to understand and assist in the implementation of film management.

(Domestic students only, not yet available for international students)


To receive the Certificate in Advanced Film and Media Studies from Southern States University, students must successfully complete the five (5) required core courses and one (1) elective for a total of 24 credit hours, which is equivalent to 240 contact hours. Students must complete the requirements within a five (5) quarter period


Program Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

Program Learning Outcome 1. Analyze the legal and business environment of the film industry.


Program Learning Outcome 2. Explain the history of film and film theories and how to recognize them in different types of films in the modern film era.


Program Learning Outcome 3. Analyze the components for a transmedia project.


Admission Requirements

Tuition & Fees



Certificate in Film and Media Studies – Courses


Required Courses (5 courses)                                                  20 Quarter Credits

FIL 510Entertainment Law4.0Quarter Credits
FIL 520Transmedia4.0Quarter Credits
FIL 540Hollywood – Overview of The Film Industry4.0Quarter Credits
FIL 550Advanced Film Theory and History4.0Quarter Credits
FIL 560The Business of TV/Film4.0Quarter Credits


Electives (1 Required)                                                               04 Quarter Credits

FIL 570Entrepreneurship in Media4.0Quarter Credits
FIL 597Professional Internship4.0Quarter Credits



Certificate in Film and Media Studies requirements

Certificate in Film and Media Studies – Required Courses520
Certificate in Film and Media Studies – Elective Courses14
Total for Certificate for Certificate in Advanced Film and Media Studies624