FIN 305: Business Finance - Southern States University - Study in California (San Diego, Irvine) and Nevada (Las Vegas)

FIN 305: Business Finance


FIN 305


BBA Courses

Business Finance teaches students how to evaluate and process firm-related financial decisions. Topics that will be discussed include diversification, determination of risk and return and relational analysis with the financial markets. Students will also learn how to properly leverage a firm with debt and equity, and the time value of money.


Prerequisites: ACC 201 and ACC 202 or equivalent with a grade of “C” or better.


Text Book

Title: Foundations of Finance: The Logic and Practice of Financial Management, 6th Ed., 2007

Author: Keown, A.J.,  Martin, J.D,  Petty, J.W., & Scott, D.F.

ISBN 10: 0132339226 / ISBN 13: 9780132339223