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Intensive English



English Programs

Southern States University offers Beginning to Advanced Classes, ABSD (Advanced Business Skill Development), Accent Reduction/Pronunciation and TOEFL Preparation. Our mission is to provide international students the highest quality English language instruction. Our approach gives students the opportunity to improve reading, writing, grammar, conversation, pronunciation, TOEFL, and Business English. SSU is stimulating and productive learning environment is well-suited for preparing students for continued success in their future personal, academic, and professional pursuits.


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Session Dates

We offer open enrollment throughout the year. Students may begin class on any Monday.


Orientation and Placement test for New/Transferring Students

Upon receipt of initial payment and the required paperwork by Southern States University, students are given a placement test to determine their English language skills. Placement testing and orientation is usually done on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00pm. Please check desired campus for exact date and time of the test. This will be considered your first day of school and is mandatory for all new or transferring students.



Intensive English

· Intensive English – Early Morning Program (7:30AM -12:00PM) – $195
· Intensive English – Morning Program (9:00AM -1:30PM) – $350
· Intensive English – Afternoon Program (12:00AM-4:30PM) – $195
· Intensive English – Mid Afternoon 1 Program (1:30PM-6:00PM) – $195
· Intensive English – Mid Afternoon 2 Program (2:00PM-6:30PM) – $350

3 hours core and 1.5 hour topic class per day
Monday through Thursday

Accent Reduction/Pronunciation

· 2 hour/week Elective Class

* Check campuses for availability of each individual program.


The Quarter Term

Although new students may start classes on any Monday of the year, our terms are 12 weeks long, giving students the time to study topics in detail. At the end of each term students are tested, given a final grade, and are required to move up to a more difficult level if appropriate.


The Class Content

Classes focus on improving the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking as well as understanding the language systems of grammar and vocabulary. Courses often incorporate real world materials like newspapers and magazines, video and internet content, guest speakers and field trips to help students with practical, everyday English communications.


Optional Services

Airport Transportation

Southern States University offers airport transportation from local airports to the student’s accommodation. Please notify school officials at least two weeks prior to your arrival time to allow for necessary preparation. The cost of airport transportation varies between $50 and $200, depending on the time of the flight, the number of people to be transported, and the distance to the student’s accommodation. Once you receive your visa and are making your travel plans, please contact your SSU contact person to make a formal reservation.


Once you receive your student visa, Southern States University can assist you with your living arrangements. Accommodation options include short and long-term housing, such as a hotel or an apartment, home-stay (living in a family environment, including breakfast and dinner), or a shared a room with another student in a “student hotel”. The cost and availability of housing varies by location, so please contact your campus of interest for details. Once you have received your visa, please forward SSU a copy of your visa, along with a US$ 150 placement fee to secure your space.

NOTE: Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school each day.


Student Visa I-20

An F-1 Student Visa is required for full-time study in the United States for all of our full-time programs. Our school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.


Certificate of Completion

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of your program. Good attendance is an important part of certificate eligibility in all programs.