MTH 305: Statistics - Southern States University - Study in California (San Diego, Irvine) and Nevada (Las Vegas)

MTH 305: Statistics

basic business statistics

MTH 305


BBA Courses

This course will provide an introduction the various features and components of statistical analysis. Students will learn how to collect data, make inferences using descriptive statistics, analyze probability distributions, conduct relational comparisons between hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, and how to establish a research design using statistical methodologies that are relevant for statistical analysis. Students will also learn how to use software that is tailored specifically for a statistics course.


Text Book

Title: Basic business statistics, 10th Ed., 2006

Author: Berenson, M.L., Levine. D.M., & Krehbiel, T.C.

ISBN-10: 0131536869 / ISBN-13: 9780131536869