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Louna Al Hallak

Louna Al Hallak


Dr. Louna Al Hallak received her Ph.D. in management from Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff, England) and an MSc in computer information system from Sunderland University (Sunderland, England), and a bachelor degree in business admiration from Amman Alahlia University (Amman, Jordan).

Dr. Louna has over 13 years of experience in multiple areas of academic and executive education that span in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, including course and program design and development, program management, faculty recruiting and development, and alumni relationship management.

Dr. Louna seeks to foster student and faculty success through continuous improvement of student learning and faculty learning support processes. Her professional satisfaction comes from supporting students overcoming the challenges of learning disabilities, guiding international students as they adapt to unfamiliar subjects and cultures, and educating local students as they pursue marketable skills.

Professor Al Hallak is an Adjunct Faculty in the Irvine Campus and is currently serving as Interim Program Chair of the IT programs.