How to Receive a Diploma

Step 1: You must have completed all required coursework for your respected program in order to be eligible for a diploma.

Step 2: You must fill out the Petition to Graduate form. This must be submitted in PDF format to & If it is not submitted in PDF format it will be rejected for improper format.

Step 3: The bursar will respond to your Petition to Graduate and asses the $150.00 Graduation fee on your account.

Step 4: You must pay the $150 and any other outstanding fees. Your account must reflect $0 in order for your diploma to be processed. Once you have a $0 balance, please email the Registrar at to confirm your $0 balance and your diploma will then be ordered. If you need assistance with payment please contact the Bursar at

Step 5: The registrar will order your diploma. It does take 4 to 6 weeks to process and there is not an option to have it expedited. Upon receipt, you will be notified by the Registrar of its arrival and availability for pick up.

Step 6: The diploma will be located at the San Diego Campus for pick up. If you would like it brought to Irvine Campus please let the Registrar know. There is no charge to bring it to the Irvine Campus. Should you rather have the diploma mailed to you there is an additional fee. $25 for within the United States and $85 for outside.