How to Receive a Diploma

Step 1: You must have completed all required coursework for your respected program in order to be eligible for a diploma.

Step 2: You must fill out the SSU Petition to Graduate Form. This must be submitted in PDF format to & If it is not submitted in PDF format it will be rejected for improper format.

Step 3: The bursar will respond to your Petition to Graduate and asses the $150.00 Graduation fee on your account.

Step 4: You must pay the $150 and any other outstanding fees. Your account must reflect $0 in order for your diploma to be processed. Once you have a $0 balance, please email the Registrar at to confirm your $0 balance and your diploma will then be ordered. If you need assistance with payment please contact the Bursar at

Step 5: The registrar will order your diploma. It does take 4 to 6 weeks to process and there is not an option to have it expedited.