What is the Student Ambassador Program?

The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing Southern States University. Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, serve as an SSU representative and perform duties at various SSU campus and community events.

What does a Student Ambassador do?

  • Welcome and greet public at SSU
  • Provide various services and referrals to the campus.
  • Develop an expanded knowledge of SSU.
  • Conduct campus tours for new students, schools, classes, and guests.
  • Represent SSU during college events.
  • Work with diverse populations and provide tips on being a successful student.
  • Assist with variety of office related tasks.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and required trainings.
  • All other duties as assigned.

What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

As a Student Ambassador you will develop a wide range of transferable skills that will benefit you. Employers, colleges and universities are looking for more than just good grades; they want community involvement and service! Student Ambassadors will gain leadership skills that will help build your resume.You will earn letters of recommendations, get connected to and serve your campus, and help students and the community.

Eric Dantas

Eric Dantas is a current MBA student at Irvine campus. He graduated in Business Administration in Brazil. He has worked in the most diverse sectors that the profession allows: sales, financial, logistics, human resources, purchasing sector, marketing and others always seeking to learn the maximum and add value to the companies he has worked for. Now he is working at the Irvine location as an SSU Ambassador. Eric speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Contact - edantas@ssu.edu
current members_Page_1_Image_0002

Begum Nur Demir is a current MBA student at the San Diego campus. Begum has worked in the legal field in Turkey in business, bankruptcy/debt enforcement, and criminal case areas.  She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law from Yasar University, Turkey. Begum speaks Turkish and English.

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Patrik Puska is a current MBA student at the San Diego campus. Patrik has worked in several capacities in language translation, foreign affairs, and travel/cultural event planning. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communications from Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus. Patrik speaks Slovak, Russian, English, and Spanish.

Contact - ppuska@ssu.edu
Sadok Abdelli - Student Ambassador

Sadok Abdelli is a current MBA student at the Irvine campus. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Nabeul, Tunisia. He worked as a web developer in a website development company. At the same time he also worked as a freelancer by developing websites and ranking them on search engines. Sadok is currently pursuing his Master degree, and works at the Irvine location of SSU as Ambassador and Student Services Assistant. Sadok speaks Arabic, French, English, Spanish and a little German.

BBA Student Ambassador

Shaira Camacho is a current BBA student at the Irvine Campus. She is from the Philippines and have handled projects dealing with 2d and 3d modeling. Presently, she works as a Student Ambassador in the Irvine Campus. Shaira speaks Tagalog and English