What is the Teaching Assistant Program? 

The T.A. position at the University assists faculty members in managing the learning needs of their students, including helping and tutoring students. This is a student worker position.

What does a T.A. for students?

The T.A. assists with explaining course requirements to students, directing students to appropriate resources, helping them with time management issues, explaining difficult concepts, promoting sound educational principles, identifying solutions to student problems, and any other assistance the instructor needs, including holding office hours for student assistance and tutoring or holding special sessions for course content reviews with students.

What are the benefits of having a T.A. in a program for students in their studies?

As a student at SSU, you will have a resource and receive help with understanding a course’s requirements. Students won’t be alone in their studies as the university provides needed help from a peer.

Meet our current T.A. at SSU:

Fabiana Saturnino

Fabiana is based at the Irvine Campus and is currently studying in the MBA program at SSU. She speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. Fabiana worked in Sales, and Marketing in Brazil, and as a Product Specialist during her OPT in the US.  Her belief is that studying means to keep challenging yourself and growing as a professional. She will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns.